JayData 1.0.4

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Released: May 30, 2012
Updated: May 31, 2012 by JayDataOrg
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Release Notes

JayData is a unified data access library for JavaScript developers to query and update data from different sources like WebSQL, IndexedDB, OData, Facebook or YQL.

See it in action in this 6 minutes video

We have changed our release strategy. Instead of keeping the whole library in an RC level till all the planned features are ready, we decided to release those functionality as individually versioned plugins and modules. Thus we are proud to give you the JayData core in an RTM version.

New features in JayData 1.0.4

Dynamic queryies with Knockoutjs

The query that can process Knockout observable parameters, so you can build queries re-execute when a parameter changes. Combine it with the JayData support for KO observableArrays to create dynamic table filters or master detail scenarios with 3 lines of code.

Projection of constant values in OData provider

The OData protocol doesn’t support projecting a constant value, which isn’t persisted. JayData helps developers to define queries at a single place, containing remote OData fields and constant values from the client side.
$context.YourSet.map(function(a) { Name: a.Name, ID: a.ID, localState: 1, localMessage: ’hello’}).toArray(...)

Fixes and changes

  • JayData library file name does not contain its version number
The new filename of the library is JayData.js , so you don’t have to change the references/includes whan you upgrade to a new version. The current version of the library can be read at the first line of code, or by accessing the $data.version
  • Resources leaked with the WebSQL provider’s open method on some Android devices
  • Providers did not support === and !==
Due to some factory configuration mistakes === and !== operators did not compile with OData, WebSQL and SQLite providers. Now they do.

Breaking changes

  • New JayData.js filename
  • No breaking changes in API

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