JayData 1.2.6

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Released: Dec 20, 2012
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Release Notes

JayData is a unified data access library for JavaScript to CRUD + Query data from different sources like WebAPI, OData, MongoDB, WebSQL, SqLite, HTML5 localStorage, Facebook or YQL. The library can be integrated with KendoUI, Knockout.js or Sencha Touch 2 and can be used on Node.js as well.

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What's new in JayData 1.2.6

For detailed release notes check the release notes.

KendoUI integration

Build native-like mobile apps and polished websites with KendoUI by leveraging data-management capabilities of JayData. JayData KendoUI module helps you implement two-way databinding with Kendo controls no matter if you use local or cloud storages.

Include JayData KendoUI module:
<script src="scripts/jaydatamodules/kendo.js"></script> 

Write your JayData query on any storage and assign the result to the dataSource of any Kendo control:
  dataSource: Northwind.Products.filter("it.Category_ID ==1").asKendoDataSource(),
   template: ...

Use JayData EntitySets as a read/write Kendo dataSources - and automate crud.
   dataSource: northwindContext.Products.asKendoDataSource(),
   editable: true,
   toolbar: ["create", "save", "cancel"],

WebAPI provider

Do you want to access ASP.NET WebAPI services from JavaScript without additional server-side modules? No problem! WebAPI provider for JayData is here.

Todo.setStore('remote', { name: 'webApi', dataSource: '/api/Todos'});
Read the folloging blogpost to learn how can you use JayData with WebAPI: How to use JayData with ASP.NET Web API - I

!! InlineCount() operation in OData provider
Write OData queries, which returns the not just the records but the number of records. This feature makes SharePoint 2013 app development much easier.
  .toArray(function (items) {

Easy paging using next() and prev()

JayData was able to retrieve a portion of records from the server/local storage by take() and skip() functions, now you are able to retrieve the next the previous chunks by accessing the next() and prev() functions of the resultset.
context.Todos.take(5).toArray().then(function (result) {
  result.next().then(function (nextResult) {
    console.log('next 5 todos', nextResult);

context.Todos.take(5).skip(10).toArray().then(function (result) {
  result.prev().then(function (prevResult) {
    console.log('previous 5 todos', prevResult);

Other new features:

  • type.create() factory methods in type system
  • Facebook provider supports length()
  • describeField, define field if not exsits.
  • Itemstore API improvements, usability


  • JayService: fullRoute from req.baseRoute
  • upgraded to datajs 1.1.0 (custom modifications has been merged to patched js)
  • sqLite changed db logic
  • EntityContext-ItemStore refactor
  • storeToken can be function or object with typeName and args (for context create)
  • addMember() can define static properties, with third true parameter
  • static properties has store- and retriveProperty function, backingfield for value


  • sqLite provider, db drop if changed creation mode
  • field convert from string: '' value is undefined, not an Exception with invalid value
  • jaydatamodules validate.js: call fromBinder withour data convert
  • OData provider: save null value on navigational property, to clear reference
  • mongoDB regex field operations unary NOT fix

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