JayData 1.2.5

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Released: Nov 29, 2012
Updated: Dec 4, 2012 by JayDataOrg
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Release Notes

What's new in JayData 1.2.5

For detailed release notes check the release notes.

Handlebars template engine support

Implement data manager applications with JayData using Handlebars.js for templating. Include JayDataModules/handlebars.js and begin typing the mustaches :)
Blogpost: Handlebars templates in JayData
Handlebars helpers and model driven commanding in JayData

Easy JayStorm cloud data management

Manage cloud data using the same syntax and data management concept just like any other data sources! Forget SDKs and BaaS-specific query syntaxes and implement future-proof applications using JayData and JayStorm.
Register to JayStorm Open Edition for free and initialize $data.service() to access your cloud data endpoint! Read JayData/JayStorm starter blogpost

ItemStore API v2

Since now ItemStore API can be used on each providers including local and cloud storages. We want to keep both ItemStore API and JavaScript Language Query (JSLQ) in the future, so you can choose your data access syntax according your taste.
We've extented the ItemStore API with filtering functionality as well. You can choose to use jQuery 1.8.0+ or Q promise/qDeffered.js to make it happen.

Entity operations for LocalStore provider

Query HTML5 localStorage like nobody else before! Filter objects using the following operations startsWith(), endsWith(), contains(), length(), substr(), toLowerCase(), toUpperCase(), trim(), ltrim(), rtrim()

Entity operations for IndexedDB provider

Forget the crazy cursors of IndexedDB API and filter, order, project and page records using JayData ItemStore API or JSLQ, because orderBy(), take(), skip(), first(), single() operations are supported by IndexedDB provider! How cool is that?!

Node.js support on Windows

According to your feature requests JayData can be used on Node.js in Windows environment, too. Install the JayData library from NPM, type require('jaydata') and publish data on the server-side or consume data (with static schema in this case).
Blogpost: Use JayData as oData producer and consumer on windows with nodejs

Events before/after entity modifications

Subscribe to beforeCreate, beforeUpdate, beforeDelete, afterCreate, afterUpdate, afterDelete events of entity types to simplify your data access code.
Todo.addEventListener('beforeCreate', function (source, newTodoItem) {
    newTodoItem.Created = new Date();

Other new features:

*OData GUID type support in JayService
  • JayService: JSONP support
  • HTML5 compatibility on IE: trimLeft/trimRight
  • $data.debug, shortcut function to console.log arguments


  • JayService: authorization failed response status code is 401
  • Removed libxmljs dependency from JaySvcUtil
  • Removed libxmljs dependency from JayService
  • entity context constructor with string parameter means local provider except sqLite
  • $data.service returns with promise, config is not a last parameter, backward compatible


  • improved supported storage provider detection
  • MongoDb provider: order by computer field
  • XMLHttpRequest-patched for node in windows
  • entity property async callbacks
  • sqLite date null value loaded as null
  • contextToken renamed to storeToken in context instance
  • file encoding fix in JayStorm.js

Breaking changes

  • No breaking changes compared to 1.2.3
  • ItemStore API changes since 1.2.4

Known issues

  • IndexedDB should be fixed on Android 4.0.4 (other platforms are OK)

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